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We have a broad range of membership options which enable organisations, institutions, projects and individuals to join CRA. To find out more about membership options and cost please click here

A subscription to CRA can provide the following benefits for 2014/15:

  •  A new event and support programme on 'Tutoring for the 21st Century', run in collaboration with QAA and SEDA. CRA members will receive a discount for this event and a discount on project participation. 
  • A further institutional support programme for those implementing the HEAR (CRA HEAR Academy 2014). CRA members will receive a discount on the price of this support programme. For more information about the CRA HEAR Academy 2014 please click here.
  • CRA members will Receive copies of all publications and journals. The CRA has two new journals, one peer reviewed with an international focus. 
  • Free participation in on-line webinars and receive copies of post event material. This enables you to keep right up-to-date whilst not leaving your desktop or mobile device. 
  • Access to international practice, in Europe, the USA and Australia, through our wide network. We seek to be an international Centre of Excellence after all. 
  • Related to this, work with Australian colleagues on 'Digital Badges'. 
  • Our very own Residential Seminar, with themes agreed by members for members (and others). CRA Members will receive a discount for this event. 
  • A planned conference on Pedagogic Research, for Spring2015. Members will receive a discount for this event. 
  • Monthly updates on the top news stories in one simple email. 

For more informtatio about Who we are and what we do please click here. If you would like to see some of the feedback that we have received from our members please click here.

Applications typically take around 5 working days to process. Should you have any queries during this period, please contact Cath Hewson via e-mail  

Once your application has been approved you will receive: 

  •   a CRA welcome e-mail
  • access to our exclusive 'Members Zone' of this website
  • details of the next CRA general meeting            
  • details of forthcoming events including (free for all members) on-line webinars
  • recent publications
  • an invoice to cover your membership fees.

Click here to Apply online

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