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CRA Residential Seminar Feedback 2008
Days Inn, Manchester
20th & 21st November 2008

"This was my first CRA annual conference and I feel it lived up to its intentions well.  There was almost too much going on; I had to miss some sessions that would have been relevant in order to attend others.  Overall - Excellent!"
2 "Having attended several CRA events I always look forward to them tremendously, however I have to say this was the best once since the early days.  I can't quite identify why, as usual there are was lots of opportunities to meet other practitioners which is of particular value.  The sessions this year were of very high quality, informative and current."

"An excellent event, very well organised"

"Great mix of people - friendly, lively, useful debate.  Very re-energising".
"An excellent conference, very enjoyable, good networking, stimulating sessions, good debate and discussion".
6 "Very interesting and stimulating event - lots of opportunities to learn about new developments and practice at other institutions". 


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