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Institutional Membership Benefits

Institutional membership is divided into two bands (Band A or Band B).  These bands vary dependent upon the number of full-time students within your institution or working context.  The banding process is determined as follows:-

BAND A MEMBERSHIP - More than 6000 full-time students.
BAND B MEMBERSHIP - Less than 6000 full-time students.

There is a reduced rate for institutions wishing to take up membership beyond the period September 2010 - August 2011 - see membership costs for further details.

Institutional members can benefit from:-
1  Free consultancy and/ or training support,
2  Free access to the member's only Professional Development Seminar,
3  Free copies of CRA publications,
4  Opportunities for participation in funded project activity,
5  Free or reduced rate participation at Conferences and Seminars,
6  Access to a wide network of managers and practitioners in schools, colleges and higher education institutions,
7  Access to the Centre's wide range of contacts which enables it to "fast track" updates on practice and policy developments,
8  Access to the member's zone of the CRA website,
9  Participating in the themed chat discussions,
10 Access to the electronic journal "On Reflection", published three times a year and now available in podcast,
11Representation and voting rights at General Meetings,
12 Opportunities to steer the work of the Centre, by serving on the Board of the Trustees and much more!!

Institutional membership

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