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Organisational Benefits

This category of membership is open to:-
Limited life Projects and units within larger organisations, so a Professional Development Unit could join and nominate its staff to receive member benefits, but the institution would not be a member.

Organisations can benefit from:-

1 Free access to the member's only Professional Development Seminar,
2 Free copies of CRA publications,
3 Opportunities for participation in funded project activity,
4 Free or reduced rate participation at Conferences and Seminars,
5 Access to a wide network of managers and practitioners in schools, colleges and higher education institutions,
6 Access to the Centre's wide range of contacts which enables it to "fast track" updates on practice and policy developments,
7 Access to the member's zone of the CRA website,
8 Participating in the "member's only" chat community,
9 Access to the electronic journal "On Reflection", published three times a year and now also available in podcast.

Please note that, if you select this category, member benefits will not include free consultancy and/ or training support.

Organisational membership

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