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About CRA / Membership

We have a range of membership options which enable organisations, institutions, projects and individuals to join CRA.

Applications typically take around 5 days to process. Should you have any queries during this period, please contact our office via e-mail [email protected]

Once your application has been approved you will receive

  • An invoice to cover your membership fees;
  • A Username and Password for our 'Members Zone' on this website;
  • Details of the next general meeting of the Centre and other forthcoming events.

Institutional Membership

Drawn from organisations and institutions such as:

  • Local Authorities
  • Employers and CPD bodies
  • Further/Higher Education, etc.

For institutions, the membership rate is based on the number of students you have. (If you do not have students, please contact us and we will assess which band is most relevant to your organisation).

Membership fees

Band A - £675 per year (more than 6000 students) - Apply Online

Band B - £345 per year (less than 6000 students) - Apply Online

Associate Membership

We have two categories:

Organisational or Associateship

Associate Membership is open to:

  • Limited-life time-bound Projects focused upon or linked to Progress File/PDP type practice.
  • Small organisations, whether operating independently or within larger structures.

Where membership is sought through this category, those seeking to join should be working with less than 1,750 students/learners.

Membership fees - £175 per year - Apply

Individual Associateship

This category of membership is open to individuals who do not represent an institution or organisation but are actively interested in the work of CRA.

Membership fees - £45.00 per year - Apply

Membership Info
For further information regarding the categories of membership and to view the benefits of joining the CRA and the priorities for this year, please download our information sheet.

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