Higher Education Evidence

The evidence available for download, below, was not produced as part of the project, although some was produced by organisations affiliated with us through membership of the project Steering Committee. It has been selected based on its relevance and usefulness.

E-portfolios for Apprentices

This study investigates the requirements for e-portfolios in light of the potential impact of the Apprenticeship Reform on the provision of apprenticeships by learning providers.

Institution: BECTA
Published: March 2009

Effective Practice with E-portfolios

Launched at ALT-C in September 2008, Effective Practice with e-Portfolios draws out key points from established and innovative examples of practice in further and higher education and from a selection of significant JISC-funded projects.

Institution: HEA
Published: September 2008

Employer Engagement Literature Review

This report has been produced as part of the South West Higher Level Skills Project. It summarises recent literature on employer engagement with higher education (HE), with a central focus on HE involvement in work based learning for people in employment, where employers play a central role in the design, delivery and/or funding of provision.

Institution: University of Exeter for HERDA
Published: November 2008
Author: Richard Bolden and Georgy Petrov

Employer Engagement with Higher Education: Defining, Sustaining and Supporting Higher Skills Provision

This report summarises the findings from analysis of 27 case studies of HE-employer engagement initiatives, particularly those targeted at upskilling people in or entering the workforce. From examination of these cases it is concluded that the nature of HE-employer engagement is very diverse and that this diversity highlights the complexity of the higher skills market both in terms of the forms of engagement sought by employers as well as the variety of approaches from HEIs to meeting these needs.

Institution: Unversity of Exeter for HERDA
Published: July 2009
Author: Richard Bolden, Helen Connor, Anthea Duquemin, Wendy Hirsh and Georgy Petrov

Employer Engagement, Work-Related Learning and the Student Experience

This report outlines the findings of recent research exploring employer engagement activities currently taking place across a number of HE, and HE in FE, institutions delivering fashion and textiles curricula. In addition, the investigation also seeks to identify the staff and student experience of work-related and work-based learning in the fashion and textiles educational sector and some of the challenges faced, and effective practices implemented, by educators in this field.

Institution: Art Design Media Subject Centre (HEA)
Published: May 2008
Author: Catherine McConnell

Employer-responsive provision survey: a reflective report

This survey highlights the need to tailor course provision to the Employer and demonstrates the dangers of a 'one size fits all' approach.

Institution: QAA
Published: 2010

Research Report on Employer Engagement

An in-depth report into the entire Employer Engagement Process. It includes sections covering the definition of Employer Engagement, its drivers, its phases, and the processes underpinning it.

Institution: UKCES
Published: February 2008
Author: Chris Cooper, Iain Mackinnon and Dr Peter Garside

Stepping Higher: Workforce development through employer-higher education partnership

This report shows how employers and universities can and do work effectively together and the resulting benefits. There are plenty of practical ideas which can be drawn on.

Institution: CBI
Published: October 2008

Supporting work-based students

This Higher Education Academy produced article looks at the kinds of work-based learning support required by students and explores the needs of the employer organisation itself as it encourages and facilitates learning for its employees.

Institution: HEA
Published: June 2009
Author: Various

University of Nottingham: Regional Implementation of E-portfolios (Leap Ahead)

The website of a Nottingham-led project which had the aim of increasing participation into vocational higher education through work with colleges, universities, employers and other partners, providing access to new opportunities and routes to information advice and guidance for learners and employers. The reports and documentation produced by this project can be found by following the link, below.

Institution: University of Nottingham

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