The principal documentation produced by the HE5P Project is the Final Report and a Review of Literature and Practice. Before reading these it might be useful to read an introductory presentation produced by the central team, viewable here.

HE5P Final Project Report

The HE5P Project Final Report, which was submitted to HEFCE at the close of the Project. For the final reports of the Project Partners please follow this link.

Institution: The Centre for Recording Achievement
Published: June 2010
Author: Rob Ward and Janet Strivens

HE5P Literature and Practice Review

The review remit was to identify instances of existing e-portfolio practice supporting
employee and employer engagement in higher level learning, and to provide an
evidence informed account of how such e-portfolio practice has demonstrated
relevance to adult, employment based learners.

Institution: The Centre for Recording Achievement
Published: March 2009
Author: Helen Richardson

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