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e-Portfolios / Introduction

The e-portfolio domain is a broad one. It is, or might be:

  • A ‘repository’ for ‘artefacts’
  • A means of accessing personal information, perhaps held in distributed databases
  • A means of presenting oneself and ones skills, qualities and achievements to others
  • A means of collecting and selecting assessment evidence
  • A guidance tool to support review and choice
  • A means of sharing and collaborating
  • A means of encouraging a sense of personal identity
Within UK HE, the e-learning strategy produced by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE, 2005) emphasises the encouragement of ‘e-based systems of describing learning achievement and personal development planning (PDP)’ within its Joint Implementation Plan. Beyond HE the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s Blueprint for e-assessment (QCA 2004) envisages that within five years ‘all awarding bodies should be set up to accept and assess e-portfolios’ whiloe the DfES e-strategy seeks to ‘ encourage every institution to offer a personal online learning space to store coursework, course resources, results and achievements.’

This section seeks to document ways in which e-portfolios are being developed and used, particularly – though not exclusively – to support PDP and e-Progress File implementation.

For more information on e-portfolios click here. (Word Document)

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