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2nd International Residential Seminar 26th - 28th April 2010

Downloadable documents from the 2nd International Residential Seminar, which took place on Monday 26th April - Wednesday 28th April 2010, at The National College for School Leadership, Nottingham.

Ambj√∂rn Naeve, The Royal Institute of Technology, and Uppsala University, Sweden. The Knowledge Management Group  e-Portfolios= the Web

Mike Kelly, University of the Arts, London. 'Portrait of the Artist'

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Geraldine Jones, Susan Martin, University of Bath. 'Exploring the Potential for e-portfolio tools to support trainee teachers' professional learning through reflection; Some tutor and trainee perspectives'. 

Arti Kumar, University of Bedfordshire, 'Supporting action research as a process for personal and professional development'. Powerpoint and Handout

 Jo Powell, Birmingham City University. 'The pieces of the PDP Pie!'

 Barbara Thomas and Maria Rodriguez-Yborra, University of Bolton. 'Piloting, Informing, Embedding and Evaluating e-PDP in a School of Arts, Media and Education'.

Jackie Haigh, Carol Higgison, University of Bradford. 'Weight or Float, Perspectives on using e-Portfolio as a self development tool in an undergraduate midwifery programme'.

Peter Hughes, Neil Currant, Jackie Haigh, Carol Higgison, Ruth Whitfield. University of Bradford. 'Situated Personal Development Planning'.

Carina Buckley, Louise Frith, Christine Keenan, Sue Riddell, and Jane Rowe. 'Becoming members of a PDP community of practice'.

Caroline Marcangelo and Sarah Chesney, University of Cumbria. 'When is a problem not a problem?'

Sarah Chesney, University of Cumbria. 'Mentoring in an Educational Development Context'.

Sarah Chesney and Jeremy Benson, University of Cumbria. 'Anything other than silence: developing and supporting a PLS for staff continuing professional development'.

Darren Cambridge and Peter Hartley, 'e-Portfolios, What do we know and what do we need to know?'.

Tanyasha Yearwood, Heidelberg International Business Academy. 'Formalizing PDP in a portfolio-based approach to self-evaluation:Supporting language learners through action planning and monitoring'.

JISC Publication, 'Effective Practice with e-Portfolios'.

Jennifer Dandrea, University of Nottingham, 'Description and Evaluation of a virtual portfolio tool (VPT) to aid pre-registration nursing students' completion of their paper-based portfolios'

Gordon Joyes, University of Nottingham and Lisa Gray, JISC. 'What's so difficult about implementing e-Portfolios?'

Gordon Joyes and Angela Smallwood, University of Nottingham, 'Mentoring and coaching in diverse e-Portfolio contexts'.  Introduction  Context     Manchester  Cumbria Michigan Hull  Leeds Met  Applied Sciences Finland

Stephanie Aiken and Ann Ooms, Kingston University. 'PDP - Report of an Evaluation undertaken at a new university'.

Peter Chalk, London Metropolitan University, 'Identifying student and staff requirements for e-portfolios using Kelly's repertory grid analysis (RGA)'.

Wendy Clark, Jamie Thompson, Alan White, Jackie Adamson, University of Northumbria. 'Illuminating and Measuring Personal Development'.  Commentary    Powerpoint 

Wendy Kicken, Open University the Netherlands, 'Effects of a structured task evaluation and planning e-Portfolio (STEPP) on students' self-directed learning skills'.

Carina Buckley and Frank Lyons, University of Portsmouth. 'Understanding the Personal in PDP: Identity, Autonomy and the PDU'.

Eimear Gallager, Queens University Belfast, 'Pulling together at Queens University Belfast'.

Wendy Harper, Queensland University of Technology, 'The Australian e-Portfolio Project Update'.

Lorraine Stefani, University of Auckland, 'e-Portfolios, Current Practice'.

Julie Savory, Carole Conroy, Donna Berwick, University of Salford, The University of Salford Project

Helen Sterne, Univeristy of Surrey, 'Reflection - Can we encourage engagement without the stick of assessment?'

Victor McNair, The University of Ulster, 'I've used the toolkit but the car won't start: driving institutional change'.

The University of Bradford, 'Weight or Float? Perspectives on using e-Portfolio as a self-development tool in an undergraduate midwifery programme'.

Megan Lawton and Emma Purnell, University of Wolverhampton. 'What evidence for which audience?'   Handout  and  Powerpoint
 and  'Institutional Evaluation'.

Mark Tymms, University of Worcester. 'Getting up close and personal; Recognising the role of individual ontological, theoretical, and epistemological beliefs on the research and understanding of personal development planning'.

Institution: CRA
Published: May 2010
Contact: Rob Ward

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