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At CRA we know how important it is to keep abreast of the latest news without having to trawl through a lot of irrelevant information. This is why we only publish the useful stuff.

Here you will find our top news stories as well as archives. In addition our upcoming events are listed, each with further details available and online booking form.

For up to date information and queries please contact the office team on 01942 826 761.

Article Title Date
House of Commons, Innovation, Universities,Science and Skills Committee Students and Universities Eleventh Report of Session 200809 Tuesday, 04 August 2009
Secretary of States Letter to the LSC Wednesday, 08 July 2009
National Training and Development Programme for CPD Leadership Wednesday, 08 July 2009
Nut Opposes Government Re-Licensing Proposals Wednesday, 08 July 2009
Lifelong Learning 'On Verge of Extinction' Across the UK Wednesday, 08 July 2009
The prime minister today scrapped the two-year-old Department for Innovation Tuesday, 09 June 2009
Australian e-portfolio practice Monday, 08 June 2009
Generation Y: Training a 'Switched Off' Generation Monday, 06 April 2009
Celebration of Success in Further Eduction & Skills at Next Generation Learning Awards Monday, 06 April 2009
Apprenticeships: A mystery to teachers! Monday, 06 April 2009

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