PDP:- how this supports learning, professional development and reflection

University of Portsmouth
- Carina Buckley

What is the role of PDP in identity development and confidence building in Foundation degree students, specifically adult women?

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University of Gloucestershire
- John Buswell

What impact can learning inventories like ELLI and the ESCI-U have on students’ capacity to understand and regulate their own learning?

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University of Bradford
- Peter Hughes

How an institutional PDP framework affords varieties of implicit and explicit programme – deep PDP practices.

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University of Salford - Julie Savory, Carole Conroy

To investigate how best can the inclusion of PDP activity in part time (day release) vocationally orientated programmes help meet the expectations of sponsoring employers regarding employability skills / competencies.

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Coventry University - Sarah Wilson-Medhurst

What are the elements within this Coventry Add+Vantage module that support and encourage a reflective capacity?

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